Bonus USMLE Step 1 Tips


Want to get a high Step 1 score?

Perfect then I have just the resource for you to get a high score:

Step 1 Academy 

I’m biased but I’ve put together everything I personally as well as other top students did to get a high USMLE Step 1 score in one place.

This includes answering questions such as

  • What’s the best way to study?
  • What resources do I really need to use??
  • When should I start studying for the best step 1 score possible?
  • What topics should I focus more time on?
  • What mistakes should I avoid?
  • I’m not seeing progress in my step 1 score, what should I do?
  • What study schedule should I use?
  • How do I deal with text anxiety?
  • How can I increase my retention?
  • What’s the best way to answer hard step 1 questions?
  • How do I juggle my classes and boards studying?
  • And so much more…

The real question is – are you ready to study for Step 1 with a plan and without the stress? 

What if you could feel confident with the skills that top-performing students use to earn 250+ on step 1?

Check out the Step 1 Academy here!

And if you want to see the results of past students? Click here. 


Ready to get started on your journey to achieving a 250+ on Step 1?

Click here to join the Step 1 Academy!

See the results from our past students here.